Butternut Sky (Thanksgiving Song)

Here's a tune I wrote, initially as an exercise in modulation.
Later, I put some words to it.
Basically, the song starts out with this format:
G Am Am D|| Em A7 F#m B7 D A F#7 B E7 A
and continues until you get back to the beginning key of G at the end. The "solo" is essentially the same, except I added an extra full step modulation. If you're a musician, give it a try. It's fun!
- Mylar

Virtual Mylar's Hippie Hour™ 01/22/2021

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From The Torch Club in Sacramento, CA - Streamed by The Remedy Revue  with Heath Williamson (guitar/harmonica/vocal), Daniel Sawyer (bass) and Pat "Ratatat" Balcom (drums)


Mylar's Hippie Hour™ (virtual) - July 11, 2020

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Music begins about 3 minutes into the video.
Info: Live stream from Remedy Revue in Sacramento, CA - Saturday, July 11, 2020 1 PM PDT - Recorded by Joshua Haines and Alex
Mylar (guitar/vocal), Peter Philis (drums/vocal), Matthew Hevesh (guitar), Jonathan Stoyanoff (bass), André Fylling (keys/vocal) Once Upon A Time (Mylar) >
Eyes Of The World (Garcia/Hunter) >
Dear Prudence (Lennon/McCartney) >
Gypsy Woman (Curtis Mayfield) >
Friend Of The Devil Blues (Garcia/Hunter - Mylar arr.)
Yesterday's Dead And Gone (Mylar)
The Harder They Come (Jimmy Cliff)
Sweet Alibi (Mylar)

Mylar's Hippie Hour™ 08/25/2017-"Brown Eyed Women"

"Brown Eyed Women" by Garcia/Hunter performed live at Louie's Cocktail Lounge in Rancho Cordova, CA - August 25, 2017
Performers: Mylar (guitar/vocal), Ken Burnett (mandolin), Robert Fries (guitar), Joe Lev(bass), Dave Finberg(keys)
Video by Tj Lev